HL7 Review Task Force 2008-06-27

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  • Yongjian Bao PhD, GE
  • Chris Lindop, GE
  • Lisa Spellman, HIMSS
  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


Reconciling PAM and SWF

Cleaning Up Inconsistencies in Text about HL7 Versioning in Rad TF and ITI TF

  • Comparison of Rad TF section 2.3 and 2.4 (Message Control and Conventions) with ITI TF Appendix C
    • Goal to develop shared, consistent text on managing version differences
      • Needs a clear statement on how HL7 version number attribute is defined and handled
      • Clarify requirements for acknowledgment mode for both sender and received side (currently only defined for receiver)
      • Clarify notation and other inconsistencies in the texts
    • Use Rad TF text as a basis for normative text for systems using HL7 v. 2.3.1 and use ITI TF Appendix C as starting point for rules about using HL7 v 2.5
    • Goal is to have a section of ITI TF as the "canonical" statement of managing HL7 versions; Rad TF and others (Eye Care, Cardio, etc) would reference this section

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, July 17, 9am CDT
  • PAM vs SWF: Comparison of Trigger Events
  • Proposal for reconciling text on handling HL7 versions in ITI and Rad TFs

HL7 Review Task Force