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This page lists applications generally developed under the Gazelle heading. These may include applications developed by other organizations under their own name where we have collaborations. We will identify those sources.


Application Category/Owner Main Contributors Status
Product Registry Gazelle INRIA Released for user testing
Gazelle: Connectathon Management Gazelle INRIA, MIR Targeting Vienna for user registration, certificate management
Gazelle: Connectathon Management 2 Gazelle INRIA, MIR Incorporates test engine
Gazelle: Connectathon Mgmt 3 Gazelle INRIA, MIR Incorporates full test reporting
External Validation Service Gazelle INRIA, DVTK, NIST Used Chicago 2008, refined for Chicago 2009
Gazelle Test Engine Gazelle INRIA, Tiani-Spirit Prototype
Gazelle: Vendor Testing Gazelle INRIA, MIR Concept
Gazelle: Internet Testing Gazelle INRIA, MIR Concept
Gazelle: Acceptance Testing Gazelle INRIA, MIR Concept
CDA Composer Laiki Mitre In use by Mitre, needs integration into Gazelle
Test Composer Gazelle INIRA, MIR Concept