GDC Minutes 2021-02-03

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Chris Carr
  • Joyce Sensmeier
  • Robin Breslin
  • Tie Tjee
  • Dewinder Bhachu
  • Alia Khan
  • Rachel Butler
  • Nichole Knox
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

National Deployment Committees

  • New Reports
  • None

Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability Update

  • Status (only if Jürgen Brandstätter or Didi Davis are present)

Engagement of Deployment Committees

  • Work item: Interesting presentations could be included in the agenda on a regular basis
  • Purpose: "US/Asia/Europe slots" for such presentations of "interesting topic of the country" (maybe 3/6 times a year)
  • Expected result: more participation in GDC calls
  • Process: Call for presentations to DCs -> make long-term presentation schedule -> do proper advertising and invite (also board)
  • Status work item: Active
  • Process:
  • Step 1: Prominent announcement of the presentation slot (mentioning the GDC call) to GDC and Board
  • Step 2: Presentations given once (in just one GCD call)
  • Step 3: Presentation will be cut out of the general recording and advertised for offline viewing in dedicated emails to the GDC and Board
  • Step 4: Replay presentation in the complementary slot (where the presenting region is not attending)
  • Step 5: Enlist presentation in a "libarary of presentations" on GDC Wiki
  • Action item: Execute annoucement process (Michael)
  • Format of presentation slot:
  • 1) Optional (on decision of the author): 5-7min recorded slides to the topic
  • 2) On decision of the author: Recording will be played -- or -- "live" presentation recorded in the slot scheduled + 13-15min Q&A indepth discussion with call participants with the presenter
  • Total time for presentation + discussion: 20min
  • Including improvements and review of presentations
  • 3) If author AND committee approves, that topic is worth publishing for PR: -> Publishing of the video on IHE Youtube channel
  • Presentation slots scheduled:
  • Mar (EU/Asia): Guideline on Interoperability for Oncology consultations in The Netherlands (Tie)
  • Apr (Asia/US): (potential) Sequoia Image Exchange (Didi)
  • Action item: Asking Didi (Chris)
  • May (US/EU): IHE Methodology applied cross-sector in The Netherlands (Tie)
  • Jun (EU/Asia): AI and Interoperability for Radiology and Pathology in UK (Dewinder)
  • Jul (Asia/US): IHE USA cooperative agreement with ONC to advance FHIR (Joyce)
  • Aug (US/EU): eGabon National HIE with World Bank - Projectathon (Charles)
  • Sep (EU/Asia): European X-eHealth, April slot (Jürgen)
  • Oct (Asia/US): Australia: National approach to Health IT Standards selection, March slot (Vince)
  • Nov (US/EU): Greek National eHealth Information Framework - Projectathon (Charles)
  • Dec (EU/Asia):

  • Work item: Activity measurements
  • Purpose: Find activity measurements (fees, reporting, ...) for distinguishing active from passive Deployment Committees and find a concept for Deployment Committees not paying their membership fees
  • Status work item: On hold - waiting for IHE Europe input, results brought to this group as base for staring the work-item
  • Status Action Items
  • Report IHE Europe status and outcomes (Jürgen)

  • Work item: How can we support national Deployment Committees?
  • "Good experiences" is an important way to support, develop a guideline of success factors, any help regarding getting membership
  • e.g., by setting up work-items/activities/etc. on International level, which are "so interesting" for countries, to that they can use it to advertise local membership
  • Status work item: On hold - waiting for IHE Europe input, results brought to this group as base for staring the work-item::* Pending confirmation
  • Status Action Items
  • Report IHE Europe status and outcomes (Jürgen)

  • Work item: Sharpening the role and purpose of Deployment Committees
  • Purpose: Upgrade the governance document, not sure, if hard constraints can be applied, but at least some more guidance, what we expect from a Deployment Committee
  • Status work item: Not started yet due to bandwidth - pending other work-items to finish first

Open informal slot for information sharing

  • None

Any other business

  • None

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, March 3rd, 02:00-03:00am CT (EU / Asia friendly time)

Global Deployment Coordination Committee