GDC Minutes 2019-04-03

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  • Participants
    • Michael Nusbaum
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Jamie Dulkowski
    • Chris Lindop
    • Chris Carr
  • Approval of agenda

National Deployment Committees

  • New Reports
    • IHE Australia Board Report
      • Chris Lindop presented report
      • Working to collaborate with local groups.
      • XDS profile is prime focus for federal government activity
      • Testing has not taken place in a few years. Focused on education.
      • IHE Australia has not paid national deployment committee dues to IHE International
      • Good participation in working groups
      • No testing events or demonstrations
      • Participated in HISA conference
      • Planning participation in HIC 2019
      • Working to develop sustainable business model
      • No clear distinction between vendors and users among membership
      • Unknown # of members in IHE Australia
      • Action: Chris Lindop will shorten report and add a section describing Notable Challenges.
      • Motion: Approve report for presentation to IHE International Board. Motion carried provisionally with suggested revisions to report.

IHE World Summit 2020

  • No updates to report

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 10AM - 11AM CDT

Global Deployment Coordination Committee