GDC Minutes 2016-02-08

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • Didi Davis
  • Joyce Sensmeier
  • Loida Lleonart (HIMSS Europe)
  • Kim Mancha (HIMSS Europe)
  • Andrea Garay
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approved

Report on e-HealthWeek program planning

  • by Loida
  • Work is between HIMSS and MOH of Netherlands
  • Final program is (internally) presented tomorrow
  • Loida will do a check on the time-frame to see if the eHW schedule is still in sync with the WS schedule (especially on Wednesday)
  • Action item: Notify Jürgen asap (Loida)

Syncing and issue handling with HIMSS

  • Marketing
  • We keep in tight contact for synchronizing the marketing steps
  • Program
  • WS program almost final (waiting for schedule synching)
  • Action item: Submit final program to Loida (Jürgen)
  • Speaker invitation
  • Only 4 (traditional) speeches
  • Rest are panel discussions
  • Speakers and panelists are managed primarily by IHE
  • If HIMSS needs information (picture, bio, etc.) HIMSS will tell IHE
  • Kim offers scheduling a "Speaker instructions for the processes and procedures (not content)" WebEx
  • Action item: We contact Kim if we the first speaker/panelist confirmed for learning how to do registration, etc. (IHE)

WS Program planning - current status

WS Program planning

  • Keynote and panel review
  • Opening keynote
  • David Mendelson, IHE International Co-Chair has offered and declared his ability to also cover IHE Essentials
  • Decision: Approved

  • US Keynote
  • Mariann confirmed and on track

  • Panel 1
  • Title is confirmed
  • Action item: Abstract pending (Charles)

  • Panel 2
  • Panel chair Elliot Sloane has to wait for confirmation of travel funding
  • Confirmation probably this week
  • Decision: We wait for this decision
  • If positive:
  • Title approved by group as working title
  • Action item: Title and Abstract review (Elliot)

  • Panel 3
  • Panel chair Christian Lovis is on vaccation for the next two weeks
  • Action item: Review title and abstract (Stephane)
  • Decision: We publish with this title/abstract to not block the publishing process

  • Social Event
  • Loida works on it, will come up with proposals asap
  • Estimated percentage of participants: about 60% of registered people (depending on the amount of international travellers)

  • Panel 4
  • Title and abstract is approved for being published

  • EU keynote
  • Gerald Cultot confirmed
  • Title was requested to change by Gerald to extend scope: Change Approved
  • Current proposal: Speech for 25min + Interview
  • No confirmation yet (Jürgen and Karima take care)

  • Panel 5
  • Title and abstract (slightly amended) are approved
  • Action item: Final review and approval (Chris)

  • Panel 6
  • Title and abstract are approved for publishing
  • Comments to recruiting panelists:
  • Recommended amount of panelists: 4
  • Please pick them as "internationally" as possible (not only US/EU)
  • Panelists shall not be on more than one panel

  • Closing speech
  • Election of new IHE International co-chair is in progress
  • One candidate: Michael McCoy
  • In informal talks to him he indicated interest in holding the closing on the summit
  • Decision: Wait for the election outcome (Mar 4)
  • Decision: We don't block publishing (write "Co-Chair IHE International" as speaker)

  • Instructions for Panel Chairs
  • Action item: Send out today (Jürgen)

  • New version of program:


  • Already discussed

Any other business

  • None

Next meeting

  • Feb 23, 2016, 11am CT (18:00 Paris time)
  • Loida and Kim will be invited

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