GDC Agenda 2014-04-16

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  • Review and approval of last minutes

World Summit 2014

  • Logistics
  • Status Chicago Hilton and Towers?
  • Final contracting?
  • Reception 12-13?
  • Calculation of price
  • RSNA will provide a calculation
  • Filming: Filming team shall assemble a promotional video for recap of 2014 and promotion of the next year. Status?
  • Announcement plan and schedule
  • Save-the-date status?
  • Sent at 3/26/2014
  • Website - Status?
  • Registration module?
  • Next mailing schedule?
  • Program and speakers update
  • Abstracts of panel 1 and 4 still missing

GDC Governance and Process

  • Review: Action item: Chris will add her to the mailing list of GDC
  • Review: Action item: Jürgen will ask for an agenda slot at the IHE EU SC meeting at CAT Vienna to present the GDC

GDC Strategic Planning Proposal Update

  • Review: Draft a letter to nat. deployment committee to invite them

Next call: April 30th, 2014

Global Deployment Coordination Committee