GDC Agenda 2013.08.28

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Approvement of minutes of the last meeting

Proposal: GDC Work- and Action items list

  • Introduction into a possible GDC Work- and Action items list (Jürgen Brandstätter)

World Summit 2013 - Video

  • Discussion about World Summit 2013 video (Jürgen Brandstätter)

World Summit 2014

  • Recommendation for next location
  • Washington DC
  • Advantage: Invitation to officials of US gov easier
  • Easier access to officials in general
  • Hotel options
  • (1) Gaylord resort (outside of DC, no metro access)
  • (2) In the city (with subway line, but more expensive) OR
  • Todo La Shawn
  • Check both options for February 19-21 2014
  • Should have rooms for 100 people
  • Should have meeting rooms available (1 big for 100, 1 smaller for 40)
  • Catering
  • Determine the following prices:
  • Hotel room price per Person in Single room
  • Meeting room rentals (including beamers, soundsystem, etc.)
  • Catering/coffee during the meeting day per day per Person (1 Full day, 1 Half day)
  • Status?

Completing constitution of GDC

  • (1) Invitation to Deployment Committees for nominees to GDC
  • Ask deployment committees to name their designated representative to the GDC in order to create a mailing list
  • Should also include explanation about the GDC and its purpose
  • Should also include a link to the governance
  • Action Items: Chris Carr to 1) Update and republish governance; 2) add charter and mission to wiki page; 3) add page for committee on Due by 9/11
  • (2) Establish a regular meeting schedule
  • Start with biweekly meetings. Next meeting, Sept. 11, 10am CT.
  • (3) Co-chair election

Any other business

Next TCon

Global Deployment Coordination Committee