GDC Agenda 2013-12-18

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  • World Summit - Feb. 19-21, Orlando, Florida
  • Logistics and venue planning
  • Promotion
  • Distribution Channels: IHE monthly newsletter; RSNA Informatics Newsletter; HIMSS information exchange newsletter; RSNA SIIM banner ad; IHE Deployment Committees follow-up letter with detailed invitation and call for participation in GDC; Printed piece for RSNA demo
  • Add program to Web page
  • Emails to lists above
  • Sponsorships

  • GDC Governance and Administration - further discussion at onsite meeting
  • Send information to national deployment committees requesting that they designate representatives (primary and alternate) to GDC; obligation of national deployment committees, including amended language from Governance document

  • Proposed for Monday, Dec. 23, 11 am CT
  • Agenda for GDC face-to-face

Global Deployment Coordination Committee