Endo Tech Minutes 2015-07-29

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Date, Time:July.29, 2015 7:00-8:00 JST Location:Teleconference (WebEx meeting)

Attendee: Kevin O’Donnel (Toshiba U.S.A.), Hideto Yokoi (Kagawa Univ.), Atsushi Amano (JAHIS)

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Topic EWF and ERPO document Based on the presentation “additional comments.ppt”, discussion was done.

1. Editorial Correction

 - Accepted. Already modified the document and seems fine.

2. Is EWF unique for Endoscopy

 - As the name of the profile was changed to “Endoscopy Ordering Workflow”, it is fine.
 - The concern was the possibility of misunderstanding. If the name of the profile
   is just “Endoscopy Workflow”, reader may think that it covers all of endoscopy
   workflow. However, new name represents its nature, it is fine now.

3. Is Endo-1 same to Rad-2

 - Discuss to domain internally to use Rad-2 instead of Endo-1.
 - The reason is that IHE already has useful tools like gazelle. If it may Rad-2, we
   can use them immediately.
 - Existing transaction may be easier to be accepted to new comer.
 - If we find unique situation for endoscopy during connectathon, we can propose
   extension or change proposal to Rad-2.

4. Patient Arrival should be Rad-3

 - Keep as it is.

5. Optionality

 - Follow the IHE manner and do not use “C”, but use “O” with note. We will note
   that the transaction is required once the actor is outside the system of OF.

6. Cross profile consideration

 - Refer to the PAWF description and add further explanation.

7. Other

 - Fine.

Art will conduct further modification to the PC documents and post them to the IHE Endoscopy Google group.

End of the document