Endo Tech Minutes 2014-12-05

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IHE Endoscopy Meeting Minutes

  • Date, Time:Dec.5, 2014 24:00-25:00 JST
  • Location:Teleconference
  • Attendee:
    • Hideto Yokoi (Kagawa Univ.)
    • Wataru Matsui (Fuji Film Medical.co)
    • Atsushi Amano (JAHIS)

1) Board Report Draft Review

  • The draft was reviewed and authorized.

2) Domain Activity Plan

  • The draft was accepted.
  • The xx date in the draft was determined as follows.
    • TC Finalizes profile supplements for public comment : 2015 Jan.8
    • TC reconciles public comments: 2015 Mar.9.
    • Publications of CPs – released for Ballot: 2015 Mar.30
  • Art will update the IHE Wiki.

3) TF draft explanation

  • TF drafts were explained.
  • The concept has not been changed from what is explained previous meeting.
    • Adjusted to reflect the latest argument relating SWF.b in radiology.
    • National extension for Japanese market was added.
  • The drafts will be reviewed by IHE Endoscopy members until Jan.8.

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