EduWG Minutes 2015-04-13

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9am Welcome

  • Participants and introduction round
    • Stèphane Spahni (IHE user, university hospital, pharmacy expert, Switzerland)
    • Rene Spronk (training provider, IHE expert, Netherlands)
    • Stefan Sauermann (training provider, IHE expert, Austria)
    • Karen Witting (consultant, IHE expert, USA)

Status: What has happened so far

See Google drive

Review of ICP drafts

  • Discussion: What are the "most important" IHE profiles?
    • See Ranking list of profiles by CAT testing frequency
    • How was this list generated:
      • The Advanced Browsing feature of the CAT results webpage was used
      • results were filtered for "Profiles" (Rows)
      • results were filtered for "Companies" (Columns)
      • a specific CAT in the time 2010 to 2015 was selected (Title)
      • The results were exported into a table and the number of "*" per row (profile) was counted
      • the export was repeated for all CATs 2010 to 2015
      • the numbers of all CATs were summed up
    • ranks were colour coded
      • The "Top 20" are coloured dark green
      • Ranks 21-30 are coloured light green
      • The first 30 profiles (top 20%) may be considered to be "important"
      • There are regional differences!

  • Agreement: There are 3 categories:
    • The first two categories will be selected from the "Top 20%" of all profiles
      • The current list has 143 profiles, so 20% of this is roughly 30 profiles
    • Category 1: The profiles you must be able to discuss with actors and transactions, on Vol 1 level
      • Rank 1-20 on the "global" list
    • Category 2: The profiles you only know a bit about, like what do they adress
      • Rank 21-30 on the "global" list
    • Category 3: The profiles you can look up in IHE documents in case you need them.
      • all the rest

Methods for testing the skills

  • A first list of exam questions has been collected
    • It contains "open text" questions
      • These may be published so that candidates can prepare for the exam
    • It contains single choice questions
      • These will be used for the exam
      • They will therefore remain "secret"
      • They may be published in the future, if there are so many that the sheer mass will assure a fair exam.
  • Discuss!!
    • This method was sucessfully used in IHE related training in Vienna.
    • Similar methods are used by others.
    • Does this make sense?
  • Decision:
    • This method is a useful way to go forward
    • the available list provides useful examples but definitely needs more work

Management Issues

  • Which processes are needed to design, implement and run the ICP scheme
  • Which organisational structure is neccessary
  • Business model
  • HL7 has outsourced the actual remote testing to Kryterion

  • Agreement: Professional / expert review of the exam questions and answers is necessary
    • this needs to be independent from those who develop the questions / provide the exams / provide the training
    • The test must be reviewed to be:
      • correct
      • not too easy / too hard

  • Agreement: Process for verifying the test
    • have experts and non-experts take the test (IHE workgroup members, CAT monitors, )
      • provide an incentive to them
    • have them pay attention to correctness and level
    • collect feedback from those experts

  • Agreement: We need an "exam committee"
    • identifies areas for certifications (e.g. "ICP Foundation" and "ICP Document Sharing")
    • finds someome to write the exam questions and answers (= the test)
      • these need some benefit (e.g being listed as "Official IHE training providers"?? Being the "exam provider"??)
    • verifies the test as described above
    • gets approval from domain committe (if appropriate) and then the international board

  • We need an exam provider
    • TODO: How do others (e.g. HL7, DICOM, HIMSS) provide exams?
    • Translations may be necessary.
      • This may be something for GDC / regional / national deployment committes to organise

  • the IHE board will need a recommendation on the exam charge
    • (Anecdotal evidence is in the range of 100-400 US$)
    • TODO: Find out what others charge for the exam and certification, with a size / scope similar to the ICP Foundation
    • TODO: What is the cost for providing the exam?

Next meeting: Report to GDC at their next call

See the 2015-05-06 GDC call agenda


Global Deployment Coordination Committee