EduWG Minutes 2015-01-12

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Welcome, participants and introduction round

  • Rene Spronk
  • Werner Henschelchen
  • Stefan Sauermann
  • Juerg Bleuer

What has happened so far

See Google drive

Scope: Where are we heading from here

Certified Professional IHE (CP IHE)

  • How can we make usure that Certification is the right way to go? We might need additional information:
    • Do the regions agree that certification is necessary?
    • Motivation for training providers: Will there be enough demand for training towards certification?
    • Users in some regions have asked for CPs so that knowledge is clearer defined. Do users in other regions agree?
  • How do we get this information? Ask the regions!
    • Before we ask for feedback it will be good to have an example of material about a CP, so that everybody understands
    • Let us develop 2-3 CPs and then ask for feedback!
    • With these definitions then ask IHE Deployment Committe to discuss / start a survey among regional DCs
  • Things to consider in defining CPs:
    • A modular approach is fine, with different types of CPs IHE
    • start broad and then become more specific
    • Do not have too many different types of CPs, choose the granularity wisely

Cooperations on Training

See an example of an approach towards training / how can you construct a cooperation of training providers:

The IHE Education WG may well look at cooperations in training in the future.

Next steps

Drafts for 2-3 types of CP IHE, showing the principle

  • Goals (Education WG), until 9th February 2015: CP IHE Foundation, CP IHE ITI
    • Define "Business Outcome" for CPs: What do these CPs contribute to implementation?
    • Define "Learning Objectives" for CPs: What must the CPs know and to what level.
    • find more experts to address CP IHE Imaging
  • ToDo (Stefan): start WIKIS for CP IHE Foundation, CP IHE ITI, CP IHE Imaging
  • ToDo (Stefan): add initial content to Foundation and ITI
  • ToDo (Stefan, Rene, Werner, until 9th February 2015): provide content into CP IHE Foundation, CP IHE ITI

Next calls, meetings

The invitation to this call went out through the IHE Education WG Google Group. Use additional distribution channels in the future?

  • ToDo (Stefan): Arrange the next call together with the IHE Global Deployment Committee
    • Discuss CP IHE Foundation, CP IHE ITI
    • Invite experts to discuss CP IHE Imaging
  • Have a face to face meeting in Vienna close to the HL7 Conference in Vienna.


Global Deployment Coordination Committee