EduWG Agenda 2015-04-13

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9am Welcome

  • Participants and introduction round

Status: What has happened so far

See Google drive

Review of ICP drafts

  • CP IHE Foundation Level, CP IHE Document Sharing
  • What are the "most important" IHE profiles?

Methods for testing the skills

  • A first list of exam questions has been collected
    • It contains "open text" questions
      • These may be published so that candidates can prepare for the exam
    • It contains single choice questions
      • These will be used for the exam
      • They will therefore remain "secret"
      • They may be published in the future, if there are so many that the sheer mass will assure a fair exam.
  • Discuss!!
    • This method was sucessfully used in IHE related training in Vienna.
    • Similar methods are used by others.
    • Does this make sense?

Management Issues

  • Which organisational structure is neccessary to design, implement and run the ICP scheme
  • Business model


Global Deployment Coordination Committee