EduCom Minutes 2019-10-21

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Stefan Sauermann
  • Charles Parisot
  • Karima Bourquard
  • Jamie Dulkowski
  • Werner Henschelchen
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved

Exam status update

  • Report on operation, # of exam takers, issues, etc. (Werner)
  • Status
  • 5 additional people have passed the exam
  • No issues
  • Status of action items:
  • Action item: Remind Laura Bright and Elliot Silver to do the exam for review (Jürgen)
  • Reminded, but they seemed not to have done it yet
  • Action item: Remind first IHE Services persons to take the exam (Karima, Alexander) (Charles)
  • Not much progress yet
  • Karima tried, but ran into a bug during the process of registering (special situation) - sent email to support, but no reaction
  • Has then successfully registered, sits exam later
  • Werner will check this technical issue

Processes Document

  • General FTP folder: Processes
  • Resolution of ballot's comments
  • Status of action items:
  • Status "Comment resolution with Elliot (Chris)"
  • Chris will be reminded
  • Action item: Investigate IP property part of Elliot's comment (Charles)
  • No progress yet
  • Excerpt of chapter 7 ("Accredidation of training providers") will be maintained parallel to entire process document
  • Completion of process document
  • Action item: Provide draft chapter 6 (Jürgen)


  • General FTP folder: Certificates
  • Review of the IHE-CPP Accredited Training certificate
  • Draft provided by Werner
  • Draft will be sent to Jürgen for first review in the next days

Accreditation of Training Courses

  • Status and next steps
  • Interested Training Providers, who contacted us:
  • University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Austria
  • Status: Delays due to re-structuring of university, planned to accomplish within next 2 months
  • Action item: Inform FHTW management, that accreditation is blocking MarCom (including the FHTW training course) with the recommendation to speed up (Stefan)
  • FHTW is in the process of accreditation
  • Current status: Audit of the training course by Jürgen. Will be accomplished this week, latest next week
  • Expected finalization at early November
  • ZTG, Germany
  • Action item: Contact ZTG that the accreditation process is ready (Jürgen)
  • ZTG has postponed the accredidation. Have now engaged into another training. Will come back later.
  • Vico Open Modeling
  • Action item: Contact Vico Open Modeling that the accreditation process is ready (Jürgen)
  • Still due

Marketing activities

  • Status and next steps
  • Postponed to point of time, where accreditation of FHTW is completed
  • Marketing messaging will contain Link to Exam plus reference to Training providers (essential!)

Committee chair

  • Interim chair period of Jürgen Brandstätter is planned to be ended soon
  • Is a process within the committee, managed by the secretariat:
  • 1) call for candidates
  • 2) ballot
  • Action item: Issue call for candidates (Chris)
  • Advertise it on board level
  • No progress -> remind Chris

Any other business

  • None

Next call

  • Nov 12, 2019, 9am - 10am CT (= 16:00 - 17:00 Vienna time)

IHE Education Committee