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Meeting details

Friday, 5th April 2019, 09:00am - 10:30pm CT (Chicago), 4:00-5:30pm Vienna time

Meeting number (access code): 923 464 466

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Werner Henschelchen
  • Stefan Sauermann
  • Charles Parisot
  • Chris Carr
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved

Syllabus Document for IHE Foundations exam

Processes Document

  • Status
  • Open issues
  • Validity date of certificates
  • Process document must be extended by such a chapter
  • Decision point 1: Currently the validity period is bound to the exam, means: it can vary from exam to exam, depending on the nature of the exam and how much the content changes over time
  • Does it make sense and shall that remain?
  • Or shall we decide for “one validity period” of all exams (for simplicity reasons)?
  • Decision point 2: Validity period of the “IHE Foundation exam”
  • Decision: Validity period remains an attribute of the exam (may vary from exam to exam)
  • Decision: Validity period of IHE Foundations exam set to 5 years
  • Certificate
  • Process document must be extended by such a chapter
  • Describes the nature and layout of the certificate the applicants get, the method of shipping (who is shipping?, how? - download, post, ...), etc.
  • Decision: A main chapter "Certifiate issuing process" will be added to the process document
  • Action item: Create draft version of this chapter (Werner)
  • Time critical: Must be final before first certificate is issued!
  • Accredidatation of training providers
  • Process document must be extended by such a chapter
  • Urgently pending: Accreditation of FHTW, others are on the doorstep: ZTG
  • Sharing of information between the exam provider and IHE and dissemination of passed exam takers
  • e.g., what will be disseminated, where, etc.
  • Process document must be extended by such a chapter
  • Decision: Chapter "Accreditation of training provider process" will be added to process document
  • Action item: Create draft version of this chapter (Werner)
  • Medium time-critical, because training providers are asking to be accredited
  • Accreditation fee
  • Amount has to be determined
  • Fee includes naming on webpage in the list of accredited training providers
  • Fee in the range of about 1500-2000 EUR for first 1 year accreditation
  • It's usual that accreditations are renewed every year (for a cheaper price)
  • Example training fees: FHTW online course 2300 EUR per person (now offered with 50% discount)
  • Decision: Exact pricing will be decided after draft chapter is finished
  • Re-certification process for Certified Professionals
  • Discussion if the re-certification shall be a "lesser" exam for a cheaper price
  • Not advised for certifications valid for 5 years or longer, unnecessary complexity compare to benefit
  • Decision: There is no lesser exam and price for re-certification (people have to pass the exam again)
  • Discussion, if re-certifying before current certificate expires shall maintain the "certified since ..." text on the certificate
  • This could be an important incentive for people to re-certify before expiry
  • Decision: Yes, this process shall be implemented
  • Action time: Extend chapters in process document to describe that (e.g., chapter "Certification issuing process")
  • This feature shall be marketed!
  • Administrative processes between Exam Provider and the IHE International
  • Contains content, which is now in the GASQ contract, such as Information Sharing, Reporting, Financial principle
  • Decision: Chapter "Administrative processes between Exam Provider and the IHE International" will be added to process document
  • Action item: Create draft version of this chapter (Jürgen, Charles)
  • Still open issues
  • Do we need a process of accrediting exam-centers (others providing exams)?
  • Is IP properly covered in the process document?

Exam launch

  • Landing page on, including logo (top-priority)
  • Status
  • Logo: work in progress
  • Decision: We launch without logo for now (webpage, flyer). Certificate issuing (if needed, because people passed the exam) may be delayed for 2-3 weeks, until logo is ready
  • Action item: Complete logo (Chris)
  • Webpage
  • Action item: Submit latest changes right after this call to Chris (Jürgen)
  • Action item: Update webpage today (Chris)
  • Registration page on GASQ
  • Status
  • Flyer
  • Status
  • Action item: Step 1: Create 2-page flyer draft, format A4, deriving content from (updated) webpage. Page 1: PRogram, Page 2: IHE Foundations Exam (Chris)
  • Will be sent to team for review until Monday morning
  • Action item: Step 2: Submit final flyer draft to Werner (Jürgen)
  • Action item: Step 3: Enrich flyer graphically and finalize for printing on Tuesday (Werner)
  • Distribution of flyer at CAT EU
  • Printing is done by Kereval, Alain Ribault
  • Action item: Connect Alain with Werner on Printing details (Jürgen)
  • Marketing of training by FHTW at CAT EU
  • FHTW flyer will be brought onsite by Jürgen. Will be distributed along with the IHE flyer
  • Wiki page
  • Status
  • Action item: Make sure that Wiki is in sync with Webpage, Process- and Syllabus document in terms of content, names and links (Stefan)
  • Protection of terms
  • Status
  • Work in progess (Chris)
  • Pricing of the exams
  • Status
  • Price of offline-exam varies by location
  • Price of online-exam is stable: 250,- EUR
  • Where, how to disseminate?
  • Decision: Price for online-exam will be put on webpage and flyer

Official launch date for IHE-CPP program with IHE Foundations exam

  • Decision: Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
  • Announcement at the IHE Symposium and CAT floor (Jürgen)
  • CAT floor launch is the one which is photographed and published on social media ("IHE CPP program launched!")

Any other business

  • None

Next call

  • April 24, 10-11am CT (17:00 - 18:00 Vienna time)

IHE Education Committee