EduCom Minutes 2018-12 11

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Meeting details

Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 10am - 11:30am CT (Chicago) (5pm - 6:30pm Vienna Time)


  • Participants
    • Jamie Dulkowski
    • Chris Carr
    • Jürgen Brandstätter
    • Stefan Sauermann
  • Review and Approve Agenda


Currently some participants in this committe are not members of IHE International. This is appropriate, since this committee is still in start up mode. It is agreed that participants of this committee must serve as representatives of an IHE International member organisation from 1st July 2019 on.

About the term "Professional"


  • Is the ICP really a "professional" certificate?
    • There are many other certified schemes for certified professionals, e.g. ISTQB
    • We need to be clear in the scope of the certification
    • The business outcomes and the learning outcomes provide a scope

Decision: We agree that the name of the program / scheme remains to be "IHE Certified Professional (ICP)". The certificate issued to graduates of an exam within the ICP program will certify that the cadidate passed this specific exam successfully at a certain point in time. (E.g. "certifies that Ms XY passed the exam for the IHE Certified Professional (ICP) - Foundation Level on 12th December 2019 ..."

ToDo: Stefan and Werner to provide text in the appropriate places to clearly define and describe this, e.g. using the 17024 standard.

ToDo: Stefan and Werner: A template for the certificate will be developed and balloted in this committee as part of the ICP program.

Schema development

Report from stefan in agreement with Werner.

  • Schema Content
    • Processes
    • Syllabus
    • Exam

Goal is to have all this ready by April 2019.

Development and release process

stefan shows the existing drafts for the release and the development process. Other processes will follow, e.g. exam processes including issuing the certificates.

ToDo Stefan: These process drafts will be made available to the group via google docs for commenting today. - done: See the release and the development process documents at IHE EduCom Google drive

At the call 8th January the committee will discuss this, with the goal to agree on a complete process description in January.

Communications with IHE International Board

EduCom will report about the current status to the IHE International Board.

ToDo: Jürgen will report the EduCom status to the IHE International Board.

ToDo Stefan: provide a project schedule for the next steps - completed, see below

Exam Development Group

  • New volunteers have joined the exam development group
    • this is highly welcome, as they are desperately needed for exam development,
      • e.g. to provide feedback
  • Status of the exam
    • IDs were assigned to the learning outcomes
    • each exam question is mapped to a learning outcome
    • currently 50+ questions were submitted to Werner
    • Werners team is currently entering them into the exam tool
    • pilot testing will start before christmas by the exam development group
  • Further exam questions are highly welcome!

Project Schedule

  • Currently
    • 50 exam questions available
    • being entered into the exam tool
    • first pilot testing by the Exam Development Group to start next week
    • further 50 questions targeted by Christmas
  • January 2019
    • Agree on ICP program / scheme
    • pilot exam and review of the exam underway, using the production toolset
    • start of marketing activities at Connectathon USA
    • preview on educational material available, online course Technikum Wien
  • April 2019
    • first exam takes place at the time of Connectathon Europe

Any other business

  • None

IHE Education Committee