EduCom Agenda 2020-01-10

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  • Participants
  • Review and Approve Agenda

Exam status update

  • Report on operation, # of exam takers, issues, etc. (Werner)
  • # of exam takers
  • Status of action items
  • Re-investigation of ProctorU documentation issue, giving a second-opinion of that when taking the exam (Jürgen)
  • Update website with the rights are declared on the IHE-CPP homepage + Certificate points out the the rights are declared on the IHE-CPP homepage, but it's not there(Jamie / Jürgen)
  • Process feedback of Elliot Silver by Stefan (Syllabus part) and Werner (other parts) (Stefan, Werner)
  • Provide instruction to the group, how to provide a comment to exam questions during the exam (Werner)
  • Get IHE Services persons to take the exam (Charles)

Processes Document

  • Working folder: Processes
  • Status of action items
  • Comment resolution with Elliot Sloane (Chris)
  • Investigate IP property part of Elliot's comment (Charles)
  • Review chapter 6 (Jürgen / Charles) of processes document v0.22


  • Create final certificate (Jelena)

Accreditation of Training Courses

  • Status pending accreditations
  • University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Austria
  • Status of action items
  • Complete accreditation process (Werner)
  • New accreditation candidates

Marketing activities

  • Status and next steps
  • Publication of Accreditated Training Courses
  • Status of action items
  • All information will be provided to IHE, including a copy of the issued certificate (Werner)
  • Publish University of Applied Sciences Vienna on website (Jürgen / Jamie)

Committee chair

  • Status of action items
  • Issue call for candidates for committee co-chairs (Chris)

Any other business

Next call

  • tbd

IHE Education Committee