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Meeting details

Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 10am - 11:30am CT (Chicago) (5pm - 6:30pm Vienna Time)



  • Participants
  • Review and Approve Agenda


A new version of the Syllabus is available. This is the first version that describes all available learning outcomes, with the exception of the "Accelerate Health Information Exchange deployment"

See the [draft versions of the Syllabus]

Content missing: "Accelerate Health Information Exchange deployment"

The agreement was that content about "Accelerate Health Information Exchange deployment" is made available on the IHE homepage, and then added into the learning outcomes and syllabus.

This content is still not available?

How to proceed? There is still time until April. However the content must arrive on time.


  • A new version of the processes in the IHE Education Committee is now available for review.
    • present this to the committee
  • TODO: Discuss, and decide if this is in a shape for publishing this for public review
  • Then TODO Stefan: Put it into the IHE template and publish in the FTP space this week.

IHE Education Committee not visible in the IHE Principles of Government

The IHE Education Committee is not mentioned in the existing IHE Principles of Government. Is this a problem? Did this get stuck somewhere? The version on the web is July 15, 2016.

Marketing, Material

  • Technikum Wien is finalising a packet of marketing material on its own behalf:
    • Booklet
      • introduces the ICP program and the IHE Foundations exam
        • has nice videos for that purpose! :)
      • links to the IHE page, and to Education Committee page
      • links to the draft syllabus
      • link to a Technikum Webinar about the online course
        • 12th March, 5pm Vienna time
        • presenting the marketing material
        • this will also go through the syllabus and ask for feedback
        • referring to IHE pages a lot, clearly showing who owns ICP
      • links to the GASQ page for existing information on the exam
      • links to a preview on the online course, with available course information (timing, ...)
      • links to the power point slides
    • Power Point slides
      • the same content as the Booklet, different form factor
  • the material is in final production and will be released 18th January 2019
  • all interested are free to use this
  • at the moment this material has the Technikum Logo, because it advertises the online course
  • TODO: Is there any marketing material needed from the view of IHE?
    • there is sufficient text available
    • it must be decided what is needed
    • distribution channels?
  • TODO: Who will present what at the Connectathon in Chicago?
    • Nobody from Technicum is travelling there

Next steps

Any other business

  • None

IHE Education Committee