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Meeting details

Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 10am - 11:30am CT (Chicago) (5pm - 6:30pm Vienna Time)



  • Participants
  • Review and Approve Agenda

About the term "Professional"

Comments came in from a number of committee members, about the meaning of the term "Professional". The committee must decide today on how to handle the branding of our new IHE educational program. Background info re: use of the term "professional" in other business contexts, and the prerequisites to achieve the credential... Professional Engineer Health Informatics Professional Microsoft Professional Program


  • Do we stay with the "IHE Certified Professional Program" (ICP Program) name?
    • to decribe the overall effort
  • Do we stay with the "ICP Foundation Level Exam" ?
    • as a name for the first outcome?
    • Those who pass the exam will get a certificate of the type
      • "Person xx has passed the ICP Foundation Level Exam within the IHE Certified Professional Program"




(Stefan) See a [draft version of the Syllabus]


  • The goal might be to release a version for public comment?



The Exam Development group has started a review of the questions.


  • Comments on learning outcomes must be addressed in the syllabus.
    • Do we publish the learning outcomes only as part of the syllabus?
    • If we publis a list, then this must be maintained in synchrony with the syllabus
    • Can the exam tool handle this?

Marketing material


Technikum Wien is working on material for the online course under development. Priview coming soon. This also includes information about the ICP program.

Next steps

Any other business

  • None

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