EPharmacy Workshop 9 June 2008-Minutes

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  • Brussels, 9 June 2008 from 10-17hr


  • Belgium : V. Hayen (KLAV)
  • France : J. Surugue (EAHP), F. Gener (Phast), S. Letellier (EAHP/Phast), J. Nies (Medasys), E. Serrot (Vidal), S. Juvin (GIP-DMP), C. Rica (GIP-DMP), K. Bourquard (Gmsih)
  • Netherlands : M. Sprenger (NICTIZ), R. Moss (EAHP)
  • Spain : Juan Nunez (Indra)
  • IHE Eur : G. Claeys (Agfa Healthcare)

All Documents

Community pharmacy Use Cases

  • Document : IHE Pharmacy Community Use Cases v01
  • Assumption :
    • Community pharmacy Use Cases and transactions will be aligned with IHE XDS Use Cases/ transactions
    • Re-use IHE XDS Document centric actors : e.g. prescripton provider
  • Feedback :
    • Terminology : use IHE terms where appropriate : e.g. prescription repository instead of prescription registry); name an actor by their role and not by their implementation (e.g. IT infrastructure provider instead of college of pharmacists; prescription producer instead of prescription modules, …)
    • Security : add security mechanisms (authentications, auditing, encryption) in the sequence diagrams
    • Domain model :
      • Prescription attributes : Medication (dose, frequency, instruction), optional : symptions, diagnosis
      • Dispensed medication attributes: dispensed medication, link to original prescription.
    • Future work (>2009)
      • Define the complete business process for e-pharmacy as a basis for identifying the critical use cases
      • Create Prescription (as part of CPOE) which contains transactions to drug database
  • Actions :
    • [All] : send the minimal set of prescription/dispensed medication attributes that are required for a particular country to Juan Nunez
    • [J. Nunez] : Update & circulate the document before the next workshop

Hospital pharmacy Use Cases

  • Document : IHE Pharmacy Hospital Use Cases v04
  • Assumption :
    • Hospital pharmacy Use Cases and transactions will be aligned with IHE Use Cases/ transactions of other hospital departments (e.g. radiology, clinical labs)
    • Re-use IHE/Scheduled Workflow centric actors : order filler = prescriber
  • Feedback :
    • Define the actor in terms of its responsibilities and not in terms of the actions that he performs. Include possible realizations for clarification
    • Prioritize the Use Cases so that the realization fit in the 18 monts time interval of IHE.
      • year1 priorities : basic prescription, simple substitution use case , exit medication (as consistency check between community and hospital pharmacy actors)
      • year2+ priorities : complicated substitution use case, injectable follow*up use case,…
    • Align terms with community pharmacy use cases :
      • Rename “picking and dose preparation” actor by dispenser actor
      • Rename Administration by “Medication administration manager”
    • Add formulary = list of medication (+permission rules) in hospital; used for substitution
  • Actions :
    • [N. Canu / F. Gener] : Update & circulated the document before the next workshop

IHE Pharmacy domain

  • The current IHE Europe – Pharmacy workgroup will evolve to a new global IHE Pharmacy domain that will take ownership for creating the technical specifications with the current Use Cases as input.
  • The creation of the IHE Pharmacy domain will consists of the following steps :
    • Identification of primary users, vendors and sponsoring organizations (e.g. hospital pharmacy associations like EAHP - Europe, ASHP - USA)
    • Submission of application form that details scope, members/sponsors, roadmap
    • IHE International will review the application form and will make a go/no go decision : +/- august
  • IHE follows a development heartbeat of 18 months - from initial use case to testing of implementations at connectathons
  • Action :
    • [G. Claeys] : circulate a draft application form before mid July


  • Intellectual Property:
    • According to the IHE Governance bylaws(here) is IHE the owner of all produced documents. Contributors/editors have to sign the IHE membership agreement and as such recognizes that IHE has the copyright of all produced material and accepts to disclose any patents that are needed to implement the IHE Technical Framework
    • IHE documents only contain the IHE logo and not the logo's of contributing organisations. The introduction of the IHE Technical Framework contains a list of supporting organisations.
  • Potential new members : UK , Germany [hospital pharmacist]


  • July 2008 : submit application form for new IHE Pharmacy domain to IHE International
  • September 2008 : submit initial Use Cases for community&hospital pharmacy
  • Oct2008 - July 2009 : develop the Integration Profile (standards selection, profiling) for the initial Use Cases (Technical Framework)
  • Spring 2010 : test implementations of Pharmacy Integration Profile at connectathons and demonstrate at exhibitions

Next meeting

  • The initial Use Cases will be completed during the 2 days workshop in September (agenda)