EPharmacy Workshop 11-12 September 2008-Minutes

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  • Brussels, 11&12 September 2008


J. Surugue (EAHP, France) F. Gener (Phast, France) N. Camu (Phast, France) S. Letellier (EAHP/Phast, France), S. Juvin (GIP/DMP, France) C. Rica (GIP/DMP, France) A. Estelrich (GIP/DMP, France) F. Macay (Gmsih, France) K. Bourquard (Gmsih, France), I. Gibaud (SIB, France) M. Sprenger (NICTIZ, Netherlands), T. de Jong (Nictiz, Netherlands) Juan Nunez (Indra, Spain) A. Slee (NHS CfH, UK) L. Tzimis (EAHP, Greece) G. Mancarella (PGEU) G. Claeys (Agfa Healthcare)

All Documents

  • Ftp site :


Hospital/community pharmacy Use Cases

  • The different Use Cases for hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy were reviewed. The editors will update the documents with the received feedback.
  • A list of common actors are defined for both pharmacy domains (here). A distinction is made between a "human actor" (real-world actor) and a "system actor" (technical actor)
  • Some general comments :
    • Include outpatient actors in all Use Cases
    • Add a story board (scenario) to each Use Case to describe the Use Cases with real world concepts. The HL7 storyboards (here) provide good examples.
    • Countries have to provide extensions to the generic Use Cases in order to cover local needs. Example: in Uk, the community pharmacist workflow and hospital pharmacist workflows are tightly integrated (e.g. medication disposal at community pharmacist); monthly medication disposal (no unit dose)
  • All existing documents (glossary, use case documents, actor document) will be consolidated into 1 white paper document (see further)

White Paper Pharmacy (new)

  • Structure and Editor (between brackets):
    • Scope & Assumptions (Geert C)
    • Pharmacy business process (Michiel S)
      • High level workflow of pharmacy activities (hospital+community)
        • Positioning of primary use cases : Community Prescription / dispensation process, Admission process, Hospital prescription / dispensation, Discharge process, Special case : substitution
    • Use Case Prioritization (Geert C)
    • Actor description (Juan N, Frank G)
    • Pharmacy Use cases (Community and Hospital)
      • Story board (verbal) (Juan N, Frank G)
      • Sequence diagrams with actors/transactions (Juan N, Frank G)
    • Implementation architecture - examples in European countries
      • Community :
        • Centralised architecture: Spain (Juan N)
        • Decentralised architecture: The Netherlands (Tom DJ)
      • Hosptial
        • France : Francois M
        • UK : Ann S.
      • Mapping to XDS technical architecture (Isabelle G, Francois M, Charles R)
    • Relevant standards (GC)
  • Template : here
  • Overall editor : Geert C.
  • Action:
    • Action editors: prepare a draft version before next tcon

Related activities

  • Phast : master document
  • epSOS project (www.epsos.eu):
    • Action (all) : Contact memberstate reps to inform them on the ihe pharmacy activties


  • HL7v3 debrief (Tom DJ)
    • Pharmacy DMIM (domain message information model ) :
      • Information model for Medication Dispense, Prescription (=medication order) ;
      • CDA implementation guide : available in France (contact Nicolas Camu)
    • Drug DMIM : product description (entity)
    • Remarks/comments :
      • HL7v3 is more popular on community level than on hospital level (primarily based on HL7 v2.x)
      • HL7v3 is still in trial implementation phase; normative expected end 2009
  • Community pharmacy standards
    • No real standards (primarily obsolete standards like edifact, pg13? In france)
    • Intererst to adopt hl7 v3; Only if in normative state
    • Note : USA adopted NCDP (CCHIT for ambulatory care)
  • Hospital pharmacy
    • The use of HL7 v2 is widespread; difficult to migrate to v3

IHE Pharmacy Application Form

  • Purpose : creation of a global IHE Pharmacy Domain as part of IHE International.
  • Draft application form : here
  • Comments :
    • Initial focus is to expand in Europe (e.g. Danmark, ..); at a later stage, other regions will be involved
    • Urgent need to involve industry so that they are involved in the technical framework development
      • Action Geert: contact uk rep (Melissa.frewin@intellectuk.org)
      • Action Michiel S, Frank G.: promote IHE pharmacy in their industry association (Phast, Nictiz)
      • Action Geert: contact pharmacy IT vendors in Belgium (e.g share4health consortium), Germany (e.g. Siemens), France (Agfa/Hexagon)
      • Action Users: contact your local pharmacity IT provider


  • Nov 08 : create IHE Pharmacy domain
  • FTF meeting in Dec 08 : Finalise White Paper
  • Q1/09 : start development of technical framework
    • Establish technical team -> identify new members

Next meetings

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