EPharmacy Tcon 4 July 2008-Minutes

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Participants (not complete)

  • France : J. Surugue (EAHP), F. Gener (Phast), N. Canu (Phast), S. Letellier (EAHP/Phast), E. Serrot (Vidal), C. Rica(GIP-DMP), A. Estelrich (DMP)
  • Netherlands : A. Blom (KNMP)
  • Spain : Juan Nunez (Indra)
  • IHE Eur : G. Claeys (Agfa Healthcare), K. Bourquard


  • Use Cases:
    • New versions of documents are available on ftp server here
    • Need to streamline terminology in both documents and to create a common glossary. This will be done during the tcon of 11 July.
    • Security for hospital pharmacy is the same as for other departments (e.g. radiology). Hence the existing IHE security profile (ATNA) should be re-used. Hospital Pharmacy Use Cases will not contain security transactions.
    • Security for community pharmacy is critical and maybe different than XDS security profiles. As a result the Community Pharmacy Use Cases will contain security transactions
    • Documents will be extended with domain model (metadata) of prescription record and medication record
    • A list of relevant candidate standards must be defined as input for further IHE profile development. Everyone is requested to identify candidate standards and to present them at the next workshop.
  • Application to create a new IHE Pharmacy domain
    • Application form will be submitted to IHE International by mid August. Decision follows min. 45 days later
    • IHE Governance (www.ihe.net/governance) stipulates to identify domain sponsors (providing secretariat) and initial members (professional sociaties, industry associations, vendors, ...). EAHP is a proposed candidate as IHE Sponsor (to be confirmed by Jacqueline)
    • Everyone is requested to send a list of potential members to Geert (before 15 July), who will send out a formal call for membership afterwards.
  • Scope of next workshop
    • Finalise use cases, including description of main transactions and domain model (medication, prescription).
    • Compile preliminary list of candidate standards