EPharmacy Tcon 24 Jan 2008-Minutes

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  • Belgium : excused
  • France : Jacqueline Surugue, Franck Gener
  • Germany : excused
  • Netherlands : André Blom, Michiel Sprenger, Ruud van der Hoeven
  • Norway : excused
  • Spain : Paula de Toledo
  • IHE Eur : G. Claeys


  • Use Cases - hospital pharmacy : members of Netherlands and France will setup a seperate meeting to review the initial version (here)
  • Jacqueline S. will send an letter to the members of the european association of hospital pharmacists to inform them about our work and to invite them to join. A draft letter will be distributed among the working group members
  • Geert C. will invite the national IHE initiatives to join during the IHE Europe committee meeting (5/2/2008)
  • New members :
    • IHE Spain : Paula de Toledo, Technical manager IHE Spain will create awareness about this initiative in Spain and identify additional candidate members (industry, pharmacy association)
    • Ruud van der Hoeven (President NVZA - Hospital Pharmacist assocation)
  • Varia
    • Relation between "IHE Europe - ePharamacy" and the "IHE Pharmacy" domain : IHE Pharmacy is one of the global IHE domains. It was created a few years ago with the focus on hospital pharmacy. The IHE Pharmacy domain did not produce outcome and is currently dormant. The goal of this working group is to define the scope and the main use cases for community/hospital pharmacy and submit this as work item to IHE International. When approved then we will propably join the IHE Pharmacy working group and start to develop the IHE Profiles (= selecting & profiling existing standards)

Next meetings

  • Tcon :
    • 21 February 2008 2-3PM
    • Agenda :
      • Follow-up ePharmacy
      • Debrief IHE development activities