EPharmacy Tcon 23 Oct 2008 - Minutes

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EPharmacy Tcon 23 October 2008-Minutes


France: Sylvie Juvin (GIP-DMP), Isabelle Gibaud (SIB), Franck Gener (Phast), Nicolas Canu (Phast), François Macary (GMSIH) Netherlands: Michiel Sprenger (NICTIZ) Spain: Juan Nunez (Indra), Felipe López-Cano (Indra)


During the Tcon the following documents were reviewed:

  • IHE+Eur-Pharmacy-WhitePaper-JN-V00_IG_SJ_comments.doc
  • 20081016_IHE_Pharmacy_proposal.09_commentsIG.doc
  • discharge_retrocession_v0_5.doc
  • use+of+XDS+for+IHE-Pharmacy_v3.doc

Regarding the White paper the following agreements were reached:

  • Juan Núñez to remove the first diagram of the 6.1 (centralised approach) use case since it does not help to clarify the exchange of information between actors.
  • Juan Núñez to modify the second diagram in the 6.1 use case removing the message from the prescription placer to the dispensed medication repository and to add a message from the dispensing medication manager to the prescription manager. The purpose of this message is to keep the prescription manager posted on the medication dispensed acting as a link between prescriptions and dispensed medication.
  • Michiel Sprenger (NICTIZ) to review the 6.2 use case (decentralised approach) to portray the flow of information in this model.
  • All participants: review the 6.3 use case (refills) in order to reflect the repeated medication (refills) flow in different countries.
  • Juan Núñez to review the wording of the 6.4 use case.
  • Juan Núñez to change Proventil for “generic medicine with active ingredient salbutamol” in the 6.5 use case to comply with the regulation in France that does not allow a commercial brand to be substituted by another commercial brand (it has to be replaced by a generic medicine).
  • Juan Núñez to adapt the example depicted in 7.1.1 as an example of a country implementation (Spain) instead of an implementation example of the decentralised approach.
  • Regarding the hospital use cases:
    • Check with Ann Slee the use case that reflects the flow of information in the NHS.
  • Regarding the hospital-community use case:
    • Isabell Gibaud to check whether the diagram in step 3 (medication dispensed when prescribed in an outpatient setting) matches the diagrams of the community pharmacy use cases, since it represents the same flow of information.
  • Regarding the XDS document:
    • Geert Claeys to allocate time in the next Tcon for the editors to review this document and present it to the group. It is still a work in progress.
  • Other agreements
    • To use MS Visio as the tool to edit the sequence diagrams of the use cases for the white paper to have a homogeneous look across the document.