EPharmacy Tcon 21 April 2008-Minutes

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  • France : J. Surugue (EAHP), F. Gener (Phast), N. Canu (Phast), S. Letellier (EAHP/Phast), E. Serrot (Vidal), C. Rica(GIP-DMP), V. Mary (SIB),
  • Netherlands : M. Sprenger(NICTIZ), R. Moss (EAHP),
  • Spain : Juan Suarez (Indra)
  • IHE Eur : G. Claeys (Agfa Healthcare), K. Bourquard


  • Community Pharmacy Use Cases :
    • Documents : here
    • Juan S. will sollicit additional feedback from Denmark (Medcom project)
    • Netherlands will submit additional use cases for direct GP-Pharmacy transmission (no need for intermediate repository)
    • Action : Juan S. will consolidate the feedback and present an updated version at next ftf meeting
  • Hospital Pharmacy Use Cases :
    • Documents: here
    • Additional Use Cases will be added to cover hospital - community pharmacy activities (e.g. discharge medication)
    • Action : F. Gener & N. Canu will present an updated version at next ftf meeting
  • Varia
    • J. Surugue will identify a potential UK representative (e.g. to include experiences with NHS' choose&book program)
    • Updated agenda of ftf meeting : here