Domain Secretaries Committee Teleconference Agenda 2013-07-18

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  • IHE Website comments
  • Please submit comments via link by Tuesday, July 23rd
  • IHE Newsletter: due to be released June 20th (update/status)
  • Webinar Series
  • IHE Connectathon dates: introduce IHE dental testing
  • Global Deployment committee and world summit
  • Interoperability for Dummies
  • Recruitment and On-Boarding Process
  • New member process/welcome. IHE International gathers committee interests from new member organizations and forwards to domain secretaries. A canned response is also sent to people requesting to join Google Groups.
  • Review of action items from last call (status)
  • Action Item: Chris and Nichole will check to see canned response autoreply is working and has appropriate content
  • Action Item: Chris, Joan and Nichole will add subscribe links to all domain and committee pages on and wiki
  • Action Item: Chris and La Shawn will review member organization application to add questions about interest in other committees
  • Action Item: Chris and Joan to add discussion of volunteer invigoration and leadership development to Domain Coordination Committee agenda
  • Next conference call: Thursday, August 15th @ 10:30am central