Domain Secretaries Committee Teleconference Agenda 2013-01-17

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Agenda items

  • Use of ftp site:
  • Free ftp tools: eg, Filezilla
  • For committee documents, minutes, change proposals, etc.
  • Posting domain reports

Using FTP Site to develop and publish profile supplements

  • Message from Mary Jungers, document specialist:
  • With a new publication cycle underway, following is some important information for authors of IHE documents:

1. If you are authoring a new supplement, there is a new supplement template that is to be used. It is located on the ftp site at

2. This is a reminder of the ftp directories that have been set up to maintain the Technical Framework documents and white papers. The directory structure is as follows with a readme file at the top level (and attached) with Instructions for Use:

• Document Publication o Archive o Committee Submitted o CurrentPublished

Where to place documents submitted for publication

Committee members should place documents that are ready for publication in the correct domain folder of the CommitteeSubmitted ftp directory at Then, send me an email that a document has been submitted for publication. In the past, some of you may have sent documents to me directly or an email with links to the document, this is also acceptable (I will place a copy in the appropriate archive directory).

Where to retrieve documents that need to be updated (e.g., updating the public comment version for trial implementation)

It is important when you are updating a previously published supplement, Technical Framework or white paper, that you retrieve the most recent published Word version from the CurrentPublished ftp directory at and use this version to make any changes. (For example, if you are an author of a document currently published for public comment, you would retrieve the document from the CurrentPublished ftp directory to make changes for the TI version. This also applies when updating a document based on approved Change Proposals.) If you do not retrieve the document from this ftp directory, you may not be updating the most recent version and may need to redo your work. When performing edits to an already published document, please do not retrieve the document from your computer or a domain’s ftp site.

Topics from DCC tcon

  • Potential survey questions for domain committee co-chairs
  • Do you think your domain has a unified view?
  • Can you state the unified strategic view of your domain?
  • What processes do you follow to achieve those strategic goals?
  • Do you think the quality of your profiles meets the standards it should to be effective?
  • What quality metrics?
  • How are they applied?
  • Do you think the profiles you develop meet user needs?
  • What steps do you take to gather feedback on whether your profiles meet user needs?
  • How is this information used in assessing the domain's strategic view and evaluating the status of published profiles?

  • Next Secretaries call Feb. 21, 2013