Domain Committee Secretaries Teleconference Minutes 2009-08-20

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  • Flora Lum, MD - AAO/Eye Care
  • Manny Furst - PCD
  • Sunita Ranjitkar - ASTRO/RO
  • Celina Roth - HIMSS/ITI, PCC, QRPH
  • Lisa Spellman - HIMSS/ITI, PCC, QRPH
  • Chris Carr - RSNA/QRPH, Radiology
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA/QRPH, Radiology


1. Patent Disclosure Process

2. Webinar Schedule

3. Technical Framework Publication Status

4. Committee Recruitment Materials

5. Connectathon Guidelines and Tools Development Support

6. MarComm Activities: Monthly tcons and call for Success Stories

  • Eye Care developing poster presentations for its Oct. meeting that could be developed into Success Stories
  • Monthly call: First Weds of each month, 9-10am CT

7. Next teleconference, September 17, 10:00am - 11:00am CDT

Domain Secretaries Committee