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Document-based Referral Request (DRR) supports referral requests that are transferred by document sharing (e.g., XDS, XDR, XDM).


DRR provides a mechanism for creating and transfering referral requests.


DRR can be used when both the referring and performing providers are members of the same XDS Affinity Domain, or when they are able to exchange documents by means of XDM. The details of the transfer or exchange are covered in the Content Creator and Content Consumer actors of the XDS-MS Profile. These documents are placed in an XDSFolder:

  • A referral request description document, as defined in XDS-MS in the PCC Technical Framework (mandatory).
  • Additional referral description documents (optional, not specified by this profile)
  • Other supporting clinical documents, e.g., lab results, images, patient care records. (optional, not specified by this profile)

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:


Actors & Transactions: DRR-Actor-Transaction.jpg


Profile Status: Retired


  • Vol. 1 - Section 22
  • Vol. 2a - Sections 3.49, 3.50
  • Vol. 2b - Sections 3.43, 3.38 & 3.39

Underlying Standards:

  • ANSI INCITS 17-1981 (R2002) Character Set for Optical Character Recognition (OCR-A)
  • ISO 1073-1:1976 Alphanumeric character sets for optical recognition -- Part 1: Character set OCR-A
  • HL7 2.5.1 Chapter 4

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