Device Management Infrastructure White Paper

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Program Plan

During the development of profile supplements the tasks to be completed and their schedules are largely determined: the finalization of use cases, the selection of standards, the profiling of those standards, public comment, and approval for trial implementation. The tasks normally fall into a schedule that aligns with a summer public comment period and, if successful, publication in the fall as a trial implementation supplement. These tasks align well with the winter, spring, and summer ITI Technical Committee face-to-face meetings. This is not true for white papers. Since white papers can cover a wide variety of subjects with varying purposes, their contents are not so well defined and the tasks to complete them are similarly variable. Therefore, it seems prudent to develop individual program plans for white papers that describe the schedule, milestones, and methods for mitigating schedule risk. Because the ITI Technical Committee schedule, whether developing profile supplements or white papers, is determined well in advance and is necessarily driven by Connectathons and the need to publish trial implementation versions of profile supplements in the fall, white papers should conform to the ITI Technical Committee schedule as much as is practicable. This program plan is for the Device Management Infrastructure White Paper, submitted for consideration and approval by the Patient Care Device and IT Infrastructure Technical Committees for the 2012-2013 IHE Year.