Data Segmentation for Privacy (DSP) for REST

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This supplement defines a USA realm national extension for support of “Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P)”. Data Segmentation is the privacy and security concept for differentiating between data that are to be handled differently for privacy or security reasons. Data Segmentation for Privacy support in this context is the interoperability constraints to enable documents of various and different privacy and sensitivity to be communicated within a trust framework in a way that the sender can communicate necessary and specific privacy and security attributes and obligations in a way that the recipient can clearly understand them and act properly.

This profile is based on artifacts and the findings of pilot implementers of the Data Segmentation for Privacy S&I Initiative, specifically on the Use Cases developed by the stakeholder community The constraints in this profile are based on the implementation guidance contained in the Data Segmentation implementation guide.

The original work-item request from ONC is to provide DS4P support for RESTful. The completion of that work-item requires both this National Extension, as well as the completion of the MHD profile. This National Extension can be used with the current MHD, or future MHD that will be adjusted to harmonize and leverage HL7 FHIR. This National Extension can also be used with XDS, XDR, XDM, and XCA and is thus re-usable and transport agnostic.

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November 12th 2014 the Supplement was approved for Public Comment

Public comment has been received and disposed and a new version is drafted and approved for Final Text publication

Approved for Final Text - May 1, 2014

Note that publication into a Final Text Volume 4 form will happen soonest as the volume editing can happen. As this is the first Volume 4 need, this will take some reasonable but significant time.