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Cross Enterprise Cardiovascular Heart Team Workflow Definition Profile (XCHT-WD) orchestrates the creation of a dynamic network of cardiovascular professionals called Heart Team (HT), across multiple organizations and the exchange of data between their clinical health information systems.


It is difficult to manage and coordinate remote interaction among healthcare professionals involved in a multidisciplinary and dynamic team on cardiac diseases (Heart Team) that they support community hospitals. The sharing of information is a critical component in establishing an efficient use of the HT. It is critical that different types of documents and information are easily accessible while the HT is making its evaluation. There are existing profiles that define the sharing of documents and the notification but is not enough to manage dynamic team. The XCHT-WD Profile defines the workflow, intended as a common set of rules and activities, related to the collaboration of the members of a dynamic network of cardiovascular professionals that belong to different hospitals, called a Heart Team (HT), to facilitate appropriate decision making on the treatment or intervention used for patients and to better manage the knowledge exchange. XTCH1.png


The XCHT-WD Profile provides a common workflow that:

  • Facilitates the management of a dynamic and flexible team of professionals known as the Heart Team, involved in many cardiology-based clinical cases supporting various decisions the cardiologist makes during the course of care
  • Improves the efficiency of sharing information (right data to right professionals at the right time)
  • Accelerates decision making and taking proper actions


The XCHT-WD Profile defines rules and tasks for members of the Heart Team and what data is to be shared, in a common workflow applied to Heart Team. This profile is built upon the XDW Profile, it needs to be supported by

  • XDS.b and XDS-I Profiles to allow for the sharing of clinical documents and workflow documents
  • DSUB Profile to allow for the notification of availability

XCHT-WD Profile is one alternative to help to fill the gap in workflow management, providing links for relevant/required clinical information to specific workflow tasks of the Heart Team.

Systems Affected

Systems that can be involved in the process described above are:

  • Clinical Information System (CIS)
  • Hospital EHR System
  • HIS

Actors & Transactions:

The systems participating into XCHT-WD need to handle creating, consuming, and update XDW documents.


These transactions define how the actors have to create and update the workflow document, and how the workflow document has to be shared and the systems participating in the exchange should be notified. These transactions are based on existing IHE document sharing profiles, in particular XDS profile.



Profile Status: Trial Implementation


  • [XCHT-WD Supplement]

Underlying Standards:

  • OASIS Web Services – Human Task (WS-HumanTask) Specification Version 1.1
  • HL7 CDA Release 2.0 and Reference Information Model

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