Connectathon Using Gazelle Test Tools

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The Gazelle Test Tools cover a number of different areas. The Kereval team describes the tools and uses on this page.

This page lists many of the tools one would actually use during a Connectathon.

  • The page referenced above describes the full suite of tools, and some of those tools are not used directly at a testing event.
  • The page above also describes tools that are appropriate for a Connectathon but are rarely used due to participant registration or changes in the test descriptions. If you find a tool on the page above that is not listed below, you will first want to check of the test cases in Gazelle Test Management reference that tool. If not, the tool might be obsolete.
Tool Comment
Gazelle Test Management
  • Sometimes just referred to as 'Gazelle'
  • TM is the application used to manage the connectathon process, from registration through pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing, until the generation of the test report
  • More description on this wiki: Connectathon Using Gazelle Test Management Only
Gazelle Proxy
  • "Man in the middle": captures the messages exchanged between two systems and forwards them to the validation service front-end
  • More description on this wiki: Connectathon Using the Gazelle Proxy
Gazelle Security Suite Fusion of the PKI and TLS simulator, Gazelle Security Suite (GSS) gathers a set of tools dedicated to security aspect testing.
External Validation Service Front End
  • AKA: EVS Client
  • The EVSClient is a front-end which allows the user to use the external validation services from a user-friendly interface instead of the raw web service offered by the Gazelle tools.
Patient Manager Emulates the actors defined in the PAM, PDQ/PDQV3/PDQm, PIX/PIXV3/PIXm, XCPD profiles and the SWF/ADT actor
Order Manager Emulates the actors from the LAW and LTW profiles and some parts of the SWF/SWF.b profile. It can also be used for some transactions of the A-EYECARE profile.
SVS Simulator Emulates the actors defined by the SVS profile. It is also used as a value set repository for the simulators
STS This is a WS-Trust Security Token Service (STS)