Completion of XRR-WD (8 hours)

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The goal of this work item is to complete review all public comments for the XRR-WD profile and finish all updates shortly after the kickoff meeting such that it can be published as Trial Implementation. This publication will be in time ready for EU Connectathon 2017.

Topics to discussed

  • What are the remaining major issues or open questions to discuss?
  • 2 High, 8 or 9 Medium Issues
  • How much time to do the line-by-line review before publication?
  • 87 pages => 4 hours (3 minutes per page)
  • Based on the time estimate for the questions above, do we need to schedule more tcons before the kickoff meeting?
  • YES
  • 3x 2-hour tcons to work on resolving the PC Comments. Sept 26, Sept 30 9:30-11:30Central, Oct 19 10-Noon Central
  • Kickoff meeting time for line-by-line review
  • What is Mauro's availability, before, during the after the kickoff meeting, to work on this profile?
  • TCons scheduled and will join the kickoff
  • Can work until Dec 31
  • What options are available if the profile is still not ready for publication as Trial Implementation at the end of the kickoff meeting?
  • Currently, Mauro and the TC is optimistic that with the three additional tcons scheduled before the kickoff, and the 8 hours allocated during the kickoff, should be enough to complete the remaining work for XRR-WD.
  • If indeed it is still not ready, then the TC will discuss how to proceed at the end of Nov 3.

In summary, the plan for XRR-WD is:

  • Complete XRR-WD for Trial Implementation publication at the end (or shortly after) of Nov 4 so that
  • it is ready for testing in European Connectathon 2017
  • there will be no more work on XRR-WD for the rest of 2016-2017 development cycle. That means the rest of the cycle will focus on the new profiles and scheduled maintenance works
  • With the remaining XRR-WD tcons scheduled before the kickoff and the 8 hours allocated during kickoff, TC is optimistic that there are enough time to complete the work required for XRR-WD
  • That means there is no extra effort (0%) required during kickoff beyond the 8 hours that have already been allocated.
  • That means for new profile development, there will be time equivalent to 3 full days allocated, which is the same amount of time as previous years.