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IHE PCC Profile Proposal

Proposed Profile Name: Care Management Revision

Proposal Date: 10/4/2012

Status: Draft

Version History: ''


Name Affiliation e-mail
Keith W. Boone GE Healthcare

1. Brief Description of the Problem:

This proposal suggests revising the IHE PCC Care Management Profile to adopt newer standards to make it more usable. The current Trial Implementation has had no uptake. However, several standards have been created or revised since the development of this profile that would make it more readily accessible. Many care management functions are driven by clinical guidelines and quality measurement.

2. Key Use Cases

  • Use Case 1

The key use case for this profile is to automate the creation of interfaces between systems to enable capture and exchange of necessary information in order to support care management capabilities. Presently, this step is performed via a complex process in which:

  1. Analysts identify data to be gathered to support care management activities (usually in a spreadsheet).
  2. These are then mapped to vocabulary standards and value sets.
  3. Data elements are then assigned to different workflow steps for gathering.
  4. Finally, someone develops an interface specification to generate the appropriate message.

Using the revised Care Management profile Clinicians would be able to:

  1. Search for appropriate and already existing clinical content supporting care management activities. Such access could be provided through a web page, or an EHR Interface.
  2. Upon identifying a relevant document, the clinician could identify which data elements contained in that document were appropriate for the care management activity.
  3. From the data contained in the clinical content, an interface could be automatically generated that could be invoked at appropriate steps in the provider workflow.

3. Standards that might Apply:

  • HQMF
  • InfoButton

4. Further Discussion. The HL7 HQMF Standard is being deployed in the US to support automation of quality measures, and dynamic queries that could be used in clinical research (e.g., Query Health). This standard provides a mechanism to define data of interest (in the data criteria section) for computing quality measures.

That section can also be used to identify data that may be necessary in exchange or data capture environments. Just as it is used to support computation of quality measurements, that section can also be used to identify data elements that may be necessary to exchange.

The HL7 InfoButton standard could be used to enable providers to locate HQMF documents that would support generation of interfaces.

5. Resources/People that could help the technical committee. Me, HL7 CDS Workgroup, HL7 Quality Workgroup