Cardiology strategic planning

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Cardiology Strategic Planning

Strategic Priorities

IHE Cardiology is planning work in the following areas:

  • Improve information exchange between different healthcare providers by defining CDA implementation guides for different subspecialites in Cardiology (eg. Cardiac Catherization, Electrophysiology)
  • Usage of structured data through transformation of key data elements into CDA document format for preparation of Quality-Registry submissions (e.g. NCDR-ICD, NCDR-CATH/PCI, PINNACLE)
  • Define EP Lab workflow and data exchange
  • Incorporate information exchange with EMR systems into Cardiology workflows
  • Promote use of Cardiology data in IHE ITI Cross-Enterprise document sharing profiles
  • Promote wider adoption of IHE Cardiology-developed profiles (e.g. IEO, DRPT) by other domains
  • Define profiles supporting Meaningful Use
  • Promote increased adoption of IHE profiles in user and vendor communities

Cross Domain Activities

Domain Liason Activity
IT Infrastructure Nick Gawrit RFD profile
Patient Care Coordination Chris Melo Re-use of CDA templates and common care coordination capabilities
Patient Care Devices TBD IDCO profile
Quality, Research, Public Health TBD Submission to cardiac registries

Quality measure reporting for cardiac indicators

Radiology Antje Schroeder Re-use of workflow profiles

Enhancement to imaging workflow based on Cardiology use cases:

  • Intermittently connected modalities
  • MWL Query by Admission ID
  • Document (CDA) references in orders and MWL
  • Issuer of Patient ID / multiple Patient IDs (Dutch BSN, etc.)

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