Cardiology Technical Committee Activities 2010-2011

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Cardiology Profile Supplement Development: 2011

Current Works-in-progress versions:

Cardiology Report Content

CDA Implementation Guide (IHE Content Profile) for cardiac imaging reports based on ACC Key Data Elements.

White Paper Development

The following white papers are under development and planned to be published for Comment sometime in 2011.

3D/4D Echo Workflow Whitepaper

The goal is to define clinical use case on storage and display of 3D Echocardiograms. This includes coordination with DICOM working groups to develop presentations states.

Cardiac EP Key Data Elements Whitepaper

The definition and publication of Cardiac Electrophysiology Key Data Elements for Electronic Submission and Cross-System Pre-Population offers the capability to leverage health industry standards that address both the structure and content of data used in the cardiac electrophysiology domain.