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This is a template page. CLICK HERE if you're not sure how to use it. DO NOT MODIFY this page unless you are changing the template for all future users.

This template is for the one page status overview of an IHE Cardiology Supplement that is currently undergoing development. Delete text in italics and replace it with your material. Don't forget to delete the double quotes too.

Your page name should simply be Full Profile Name with spaces followed by "- Status". E.g. "Image Enabled Office - Status" so it provides a title to the page.

Administrative Info

Date: <Date of status update>

Supplement Editor: <Name of primary editor of the supplement>


<Objective, key content of the profile supplement. This can likely be taken from the Profile Proposal or the Supplement intro that describes the profile at a high level. This content should not change much after initial creation of the profile-specific status page>

Target Milestones

<Include a list of the major and intermediate milestones being tracked to ensure completion of the supplement. This includes the major milestones like the public comment preparation face-to-face meeting, publication for public comment, public comment resolution meeting and publication of the Trial Implementation Supplement. It can also include any minor milestones like "draft version available for individual review by Technical Committee members", "Open Issues 1 - 4 resolved", etc. >

Highlights/ Accomplishments

<List of highlights and accomplishments. This list can either be limited to those accomplishments since the last update, OR it can be a cumulative list in reverse chronological order (i.e., most recent at the top of the list).>

Risks/ Concerns

<List of any risks and concerns associated with completing the profile supplement. This list should include both "technical risks" (e.g., uncertainty about available standards, etc) as well as "project risks" (e.g., issues with availability of key supplement team members, etc). Some of the risks in this section (especially the technical related ones) may be taken from the "Open Issues" section from within the Profile Supplement.>

Next Steps

<List the next steps that need to be taken and/ or action items that need completing in order to progress toward reaching the next milestone(s)>

<Delete this Category Templates line since your Profile page is no longer a template.>