Cardiology 2014-2015 Development Cycle

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Timeline : 2014-2015 Development Cycle

Dates and times are U.S. Eastern Time (Washington DC).

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Aug/Sept Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) Aug. 15 - Sept. 30 E-mail
Oct TC Completes technical review of Detailed Proposals Oct. 31 T-Con
Nov. PC Selects Final Proposals Nov. 21 T-Con
Nov./Dec Start profile development Nov. 21 Virtual Collaboration
Mid Jan TC Work Sessions Jan 12 - 14 [Mon, Tue, Wed] Face-to-Face, Park Hyatt, 1201 24th Street NW, Washington DC 20037 [Next to Heart House]
Mid March Prepare Supplements for Public Comment March 18-20 Face-to-Face
Mid April Public Comment on Supplements April 15- May 15
May TC Work Sessions May 26 - 28 [Tue, Wed, Thu] Face-to-Face, O'Hare Hilton (Chicago, IL)
Late May Publish Supplements for Trial Implementation TBD
July Publication of Final Text Technical Framework (if appropriate)
Jan/Feb. Test implementations at Connectathon (North America) Chicago
Apr. Test implementations at Connectathon (Europe)