Cardiology 2009-2010 Development Cycle

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Timeline : 2009-2010 Development Cycle

Existing IHE Cardiology Supplements left in Trial Implementation status during the domain dormancy will be evaluated by the Technical Committee when it reconvenes. Those deemed ready for Final Text will be moved forward to that status; the others will remain as Trial Implementation for the 2010 Connectathons.

The Implantable Devices (Cardiac) Observations (IDCO) profile, which was almost ready for Trial Implementation, will be moved forward to a Trial Implementation version for the 2010 Connectathons. This work is being done under the auspices of the IHE Patient Care Device Technical Committee.

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
July Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) E-mail
Aug. PC Selects "Short List" of Proposals  ??? T-Con
Sept. PC Drafts Detailed Proposals for "Short List"  ??? E-mail
Sept. TC Completes technical review of Detailed Proposals Oct 19 T-Con
Oct. PC Selects Final Proposals Oct 26 9am-4pm ACC, Washington
Oct. TC Profile development kickoff meeting Oct 27 HRS, Washington
April TC Finalizes Supplements for Public Comment April 12-14 Face-to-Face, ACC Wash DC
May Publication of Public Comment Supplements May 3
May 3D/4D Echo Workflow white paper review Exact dates TBD T-con(s)
June Deadline for submission of public comments June 1 RSNA forums
June TC Reconciles public comments June 7-8 F2F in MKE
July Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements July 30
July Publication of Final Text Technical Framework (if appropriate)
Jan. Test implementations at Connectathon (North America) January 17–21 Chicago
Apr. Test implementations at Connectathon (Europe) Apr 11-15 Pisa, Italy