Card Tech Minutes 2018.10.17

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Paul Dow, Secretariat, ACC
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Rebecca Baker, ACC


Domain Transition - Paul Dow, 30 Mins
Due to strategic change at the ACC, there will be refocusing of efforts on various Health IT projects, which includes changes supporting IHE. Katherine Doerman-Byrd will be the new point-of-contact for all things IHE Cardiology. The co-chairs for each group will remain the same: Dr Jerry Serwer and Dr David Slotwiner for the Planning Committee and Chris Melo and Nick Gawrit for the Technical Committee. There was a brief discussion regarding the possible blending of the CARD and RAD domains, however, these are now different enough, due to a variety of reasons that make this a less practical solution. Katherine will follow up with the Nick and Chris in the following week.