Card Tech Minutes 2018.04.27

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Nick Gawrit, Co-Chair, heartbase
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washington


CPN Extensions - Charles Thomas (60 minutes)
Further review of the outstanding items to several areas including Complications, and Results prior to submission to Mary Jungers for public comment. Charles demonstrated the validated CDA document in Gazelle the latest versions. There are still some outstanding issues with some of the ID codes, which will be relatively simple to update. Dan Murphy will assist with the edits. We may need to update the Complications and Measurements within the Value Sets in Art Decor.
Voting Results
  • Philips = Approve
  • heartbase = Approve
  • ACC = Approve
  • Epic = Approve
  • University of Washington = Approve
  • Siemens / Healthieers = Abstain
The motion to accept the document was presented and was approved by a vote of 5 - 0, with one abstention.
  • Charles will send the final document to Chris and Nick, prior to sending the completed version to Mary by May 1st. He will also ask her about two possible XML example that may be amended. He will follow-up with Mary to determine an exact time line for those samples.