Card Tech Minutes 2018.02.07

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Nick Gawrit, Co-chair, heartbase
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Rebecca Baker, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Dan Murphy, Epic
Andrea Price, Indiana University
Jon Fast, ACC


CPN Companion Guide- Rebecca Baker (60 mins)
Step Through Review of a Structured Cath Lab Report provided by Andrea Price. The data listed is structured to follow the ACC Health Policy Statement which improves the ability to submit data to clinical registries. The technical flexibility of the CDA document can adjusted per the facilities requirements, however it is considered a best practice to follow the recommendations of the ACC Health Policy Statement. At some institutions there are other additions, usually free text, that some coders and auditors prefer to have the narrative to provide other non-clinical information to clarify why decisions were or were not made. The Cardiac Cath Report form Duke University was also reviewed.
The CPN is attempting to ensure that all types of data can be represented within the CPN and the Companion Guide. Have one or two reports can be helpful to have them mapped to a CPN document. There are many areas of information that could be pulled into the CPN, the balancing act is pulling the right information to satisfy the needs of the various audiences. The CPN does not encompass peripheral interventions. There would be a substantial effort to add this information, and could be taken on as a separate work item. This could be a gap for future cycles.
Other discussion regarding the scope of the document and possible change process steps for items such as peripheral international procedures.