Card Tech Minutes 2017.12.06

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Andrea Price, Indiana University
Dan Murphy, Epic


  • Agenda Planning for F2F Meeting - Chris Melo
We are still waiting to hear from the Planning Committee co-chairs to learn if they will be able to join the conversation, which is vital for voting to select a profile for this cycle, as well as for planning the white paper and strategic discussions.
IHE Rad - will discuss point-of-care Ultrasound and briefly address other topics of interest.
CPN Extensions
HCA what they want to accomplish from a clinical perspective and what problems they are tryign to address. Focusing on problems statement, while keeping solutions vendor agnostic.
Publication Schedule - Agreeing on a commitment for Mary Junger's calendar
White Paper - Ensuring that we have broad participation from Planning Committee Members, including vendors.
  • CPN Extensions - Charles Thomas
Addition of Mitraclip and Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion additions to CPN. These are primarily catheter-based interventions for patients at risk for complications or are not candidates for surgical interventions. There are also questions about the way assessments are codified. The requirement is to have two clinicians, at two different encounters to confirm that the patient is receiving the appropriate levels of care. Robust documentation, rather than a check box, is preferred due the possible review/audit. We may need to further address this topic during the meeting. A solution might need to be high level, as this could be applied to other procedures, e.g. Watchman. There may be gaps in the controlled vocabularies, which could be added or suggested by the TC. There maybe modeling discussions that can occur next week. Charles will upload the content to FTP site.
  • CPN Companion Guide - Rebecca Baker
Review of the documents uploaded to the FTP site. Including the PPT that contained the Use Cases and information for sites wishing to implement CPN. We'll need some more details around the business case to provide reasonable estimates. Also the Project Plan template was reviewed. Need to identify specific areas and technical components required for implementation.

Next Steps

1. All TC members should review the CPN Profile posted on the FTP by 12/11.
2. Paul will contact the IHIT Task Force to see if anyone has a sampel cath lab report that can be used for the discussion next week. [Paul sent a request to the IHIT on 12/6]