Card Tech Minutes 2017.11.08

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Chris Melo, Co-chair, Philips Healthcare
Paul Dow, Secretary, ACC
Charles Thomas, University of Washington
Dan Murphy, Epic
Rebecca Baker, ACC


The profile they submitted is a potential multi-year effort. This may be included in the white paper that we are considering developing. The first step would be assess the current workflows, as opposed to the workflows that existed 10+ years ago when the profile was created. This also may help provide direction for updating the other profiles. Paul has submitted a range of times suitable for conversation.
White Paper
The Planning Committee likes the idea of the Send invite to committee
Structural Heart Update
Charles will develop a range of specific
Face to Face Meeting, Dec 11-13, 2017
Chris will develop a draft agenda for the December meeting. Charles will create an updated spreadsheet with the TAVR indications.
CPN Clinical Companion Guide Proposal
Rebecca developed a proposal to address the declining interest in profile implementation. Historically, the documents are primarily technical in detail. This guide is intended to provide information that is useful for clinicians to understand how this could benefit them and their patients. This guide is also intended to provide details useful for the C-suite. This could help identify opportunities for implementation. We may need examples of clinical data and its implementation for the various procedures. Optimally, this should be a bridge document between clinicians and vendors, as well as paving the way for the benefits of other profiles. We may need to scale back parts of the document to not over promise what could be delivered as savings of time or efficiency from the CPN. The question about may also be around balancing the technical nature of the solution and how it can appeal to a clinical person. We'd recommend a review of the CCDA Companion Guide, and use a similar structure to develop this document. Rebecca will develop a straw man agenda for the December meeting. We may use cardiac cath as a possible test case. We will also need to present this to the Planning Committee, which could occur during the same session as the presentation by IHE-Japan.