Card Tech Minutes 2013.02.13

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  • Alan Katz - ACC
  • Paul Dow - ACC
  • Nicole Kallas - ACC
  • Barry Brown - Mortara
  • Nick Gawrit - Heartbase
  • Chris Melo - Philips
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Tom Dolan - Philips
  • Harry Soloman - GE

Meeting Notes

  • Paul D. will contact the CardioSurve staff to request a meeting with Alan, David, Tom and Antje to discuss a plan for an ACC Survey. Basically we want to ensure that we are asking the right questions, the right way.
  • Paul D. is working with two writing groups to create an IHE produced article for emphasizing the benefits of interoperability, and an ACC authored article in support of IHE. Alan K, David S and Jimmy T. will work on both articles. The target publication will be the CardioSOurce WorldNews, which has a shorter turn around to publication vs JACC.
  • ACC13 will have a planning committee meeting with an opportunity for those who are not in San Francisco to join the conversation via t-con. Promotion will be a prominent agenda item.
  • Nick G. who will present ERCP next week will also defer time for the IVI profile, as they could not join the call today.