Card Tech Minutes 2012.02.15

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  • Jason Kreuter (ACC)
  • Barry Brown (Mortara)
  • Bryan Jennings (Medical Micrographics)
  • Duncan Wood (Medical Micrographics)
  • Harry Solomon (GE)
  • Nick Gawrit (heartbase)
  • Paul Seifert (Agfa)
  • Tom Dolan (Philips)
  • Chris Melo ( Philips)

Meeting Notes

  • next week call during HIMSS
    • Harry, Anthony, Chris and Duncan will meet offline as authors to catch up on documentation issues
  • use of C-CDA conventions
    • Chris presented a review of the approach he and Nick have been using, There was some debate on where to apply constraints to the vocabulary
    • We will proceed on 2 parallel tracks
    • the author core-team will work out detailed documentation decisions and examples offline - Chris will lead pulling the authors together on this
    • in parallel Nick and Bryan will work on the mapping of data elements to their place in the clinician report and the codification of terms
  • EP Report Content (CDA-CATH) Vol 3 review - general header , histories, and complications overview using (lantana) C-CDA-like approach
    • Duncan and Bryan presented a draft vol 3 per the consolidated-CDA template.
    • To be continued .....
  • ACTION- See the action list doc on the Wiki - File:IHE Card ActionItemsAndPlanning.docx
    • Chris - host call of doc authors in next week's slot as special-session to agree documentation conventions next week - DUE Feb 22
    • Bryan - distribute analysis on CIRC for consideration by Harry in CIRC TF maintenance as as input to new 2012 CDA-documentation process - DUE Feb 15
    • Nick - Distribute WIP on other Feb 8 sections (historys, assessment and plan, allergies, vitals) in C-CDA format for offline cath/EP author review - DUE Feb 21