Card Tech Minutes 2010.03.04

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  • Antje Schroeder (Siemens)
  • Tom Dolan (Philips)
  • Nick Gawrit (Heartbase)
  • Bijoy Sundersingh (Philips)
  • Keith Klassy (AMICAS)
  • Paul Seifert (Agfa)
  • Rich Fronek (Cardiac Science)
  • Harry Solomon (GE)


    • update on IEO profile
    • update on other profiles
    • confirm dates for April F2F
  • Image Enabled Office
    • Harry presented the latest version of the document and updated the wider tech team on the progress made in the profile editors meeting yesterday:
      • see [1] for latest document.
      • Practice management actor:
        • We have to strike a balance between:
          • defining a new actor in IHE only when necessary (to keep things simple, to reuse existing conceptual/implementation work AMAP, reduce follow-on admin impact on updating technical framework transaction definitions)
        • and
          • relating abstract IHE actors to terminology/sytems clinicians understand.
        • We believe that the Practice management "actor" should be removed as a formal actor, and that the actors grouped together to provide the workflow support recommended should have a collective label based e.g. on HL7 EHR functionality reference model or another term meaningful to user so they see the connection between the logical systems in place today.
        • We may do this with a combination of diagramming and explanatory text in an appendix to link the "real" customer world to the IHE terms used in the technical framework.
      • Level of detail in profile Transaction Table:
        • The added detail in the 4th col. of Table 1.1 is not per current IHE format conventions.
        • The decision is that we leave it this way for now for clarity into the public comment phase - with the aim to remove it after PC to align with documentation conventions
      • Value type in OBX segment with URL Reference:
        • The value type in SEQ 2 of the table will be changed to HD which alignes it with a similar transaction in the DRPT profile and allows a UID to be transferred.
    • ACTION ITEM: Harry will update document and post to ftp site (see reference above for latest)
  • Status Updates on Other Profiles:
    • Cardiology Report Content
      • Detailled discussion next time
      • ACTION ITEM: Harry to upload document with mapping of Cardiology terminology to SNOMED to wiki page
    • ECG workflow
      • No update this meeting
    • EP Implant workflow
      • No representative of sub group was present
    • 3D/4D Echo Whitepaper
      • No update this meeting
  • Dates for April F2F:
    • We have 3 active profiles to complete and based on the current status of these, the limited opportunities for detailled debate ( e.g. cardiology Report content is still pending) It was felt by the majority of people on the call that we will need to extend the april pre-PC F2F to three (3) days
    • We request that ACC plan to accommodate us from Monday April 12th to Wednesday April 14th in Heart house.
    • ACTION ITEM - DONE: Dan confirms in email to IHE-TC list by Friday THIS WEEK ( Mar. 5) 3 day F2F can be accommodated by ACC.

Next Steps

  1. The next Technical Committee call is scheduled for Thursday, 3/18/10, at 10 AM ET.