Card Tech Minutes 2009.11.05

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  • Antje Schroeder (Co-chair), Siemens
  • Tom Dolan (Co-chair), Philips
  • Barry Brown, Mortara
  • Clifford Tse, Mobigator Technology Group
  • Dan Roman, ACC Staff
  • Glenn Guillemette, Philips
  • Harry Solomon, GE
  • Keith Klassy, AMICAS
  • Mary Schneider, GE
  • Micha Coleman, Medtronic
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa
  • Ann Kang, Philips
  • Rich Fronek, Cardiac Science


  1. Review mins – especially timeline and assignment
    • Short check on F2F date for April
      • Reviewed and OK'ed Summary
      • Action (ALL): Committee members to review detailed minutes and provide Dan any updates by Friday (11/6)
    • Update on action-items
      • ACTION ITEM: HRS is to form a Clinical Task Force for this workgroup
        • Dan to follow-up with Donna
      • ACTION ITEM: Antje to contact DICOM WGs, especially WG 12 about presentation state.
      • ACTION ITEM: Tom Dolan to get support from Philips
  2. Update from each supplement – see template below for next time
    • Plan/timeline
      • Everyone on the call was still ok with the April 13-14 face to face meeting despite concerns that it conflicts with the European Connectathon.
    • Progress
    • Next Steps
    • Risks
      • ACTION ITEM: Paul to convert Tom's PPT to Wiki page template for tracking status updates and forward to primary Supplement editors.
  3. Wiki update
    • Paul provided an overview of recent changes
    • We discussed wiki usage going ahead
      • ACTION ITEM: Minutes from meetings will be posted directly to the wiki from now on (usually within 24-48 hours after meeting).
      • ACTION ITEM: Meeting attendance will be tracked on the wiki.
  4. Other Business
    • Communication of decision to PC
      • ACTION ITEM: Dan to send executive summary from face to face meeting minutes to Planning Committee.
    • Other input to PC

Cardiology Technical Committee