Card Tech Agenda 2013.10.13-10.17.01

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2400 N Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20037


  • Electrophysiology Report Content
  • Cath/PCI Registry Content
  • Promotion
  • TF Maintenance


Tuesday, October 15, 2013: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

09:30-10:00: Breakfast and agenda review
10:00-12:00: EPRC
12:00-01:00: Lunch
01:00-03:30: Promotion (Survey, general promotion topics)
03:30-04:30: Update on other domains/standardization groups
04:30-05:30: TF Maintenance

Wednesday, October 16, 2013: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

08:30-09:00: Breakfast
09:00-12:30: Cath/PCI NCDR Registry Content
12:30-01:00: Lunch
01:00-05:30: EPRC

Thursday, October 17, 2013: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

08:00-08:30: Breakfast
08:30-09:30: Promotion (ACC promotion activities)
09:30-12:30: Cath/PCI NCDR Registry Content
12:30-13:00: Lunch
01:00-03:00: Meeting with Planning Committee about strategy and proposals
03:00-04:00: Planning/Scheduling/AOB

Cardiology Technical Committee


Tom Dolan, Philips Healthcare and IHE co-chair
Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthcare and IHE co-chair
Paul Dow, ACC Staff and IHE Sec
Jimmy Tcheng MD, Duke University and ACC Task Force Chair
Chris Melo, Philips Healthcare
Traci Connolly, ACC Staff
Nick Gawrit, Heartbase
Mead Walker, ACC Contractor
Harry Solomon, GE Healthcare
Salimah Shakir, ACC Contractor
Nandhini Kuntipuram, ACC Staff
Virtual Participants:
Paul Seifert, Agfda Healthcare
Alan Katz MD, co-chair IHE PLanning cmte
David Slotwiner MD, co-chair IHE Planning Cmte
Nakano Shinichi, Toshiba Medical Systems and IHE-Japan
Abdul Malik Shakir, ACC Contractor